Corona Clean & Safe ✔

Safe & secure at Casa Ceedina on holiday in Corona time

Casa Ceedina in central Portugal between Lisbon and Porto and half an hour from the coast, has been a trusted holiday address for many for more than 10 years. Service and hospitality are of paramount importance to us and that will remain the case, even now in corona times. And of course we do our utmost again, with the necessary measures that the coronavirus entails, you can enjoy your holiday.

Clean & Safety seal ✔

The Clean & Safety seal has been requested by us. This is also available for the small accommodations that fall into the RNAL category. This includes Casa Ceedina with registration number AL / 58443. This seal means that we follow the protocol and the accompanying measures and are checked for this by the Office of Tourism and the government.

On this page an overview of the possible influence of Corona on your holiday.

Your trip to Portugal

At this moment there is flown again, although air traffic is far from fully underway. Transavia started flights to Lisbon on 4 June. If you have booked a ticket with them at this destination, you will be informed 2 weeks in advance whether your flight will continue. From July 1, you can also come with your own transport. The borders between the countries are then open again. It is good to check things in advance via the Embassy of UK. 

Portugal has a low number of infected and dead, the lock-down started here in mid-March. The government announced the first easing measures in May. This means that we can receive guests again, provided we comply with the set measures, which is what we do. More about this in the next section. It is good for you as a guest to know that:

Wearing mouth mask in supermarkets, shops, public transport, in short, all public areas is mandatory. From Casa Ceedina we take care of this for you. A mask is available for you upon arrival. Restaurants have been open again since May 18 with the social distance rule and the correct protective equipment for staff. It is therefore advisable to book in advance, which we are happy to do for you.

Restaurants and sights are re-opened from 18th of May

Restaurants have been open again since May 18 with the social distance rule and the correct protective equipment for staff. It is therefore advisable to book in advance, which we are happy to do for you.
Churches, monasteries, etc. are also open to visit for the public again. 

The beaches are accessible again from 6th of June. The social distance also applies here. But given the space here on the beaches, you won't get in trouble. The beach in Nazaré in particular offers so much space that social distance is no problem even in high season.

Your stay at Casa Ceedina

Our B&B is situated in a quiet and rural location 2 km from the centre of Batalha. On our terrace you have the space and we can easily apply the 1.5m distance rule, which is nice. We also provide the 1.5 m distance rule for breakfast on the terrace or in the communal area. For your safety, we clean the common areas and your room every day. The room is cleaned and disinfected after guests have left.

The swimming pool

To maintain the quality of the bathing water, the pool is cleaned daily with us. And if necessary we take extra cleaning measures. The water is sampled twice a day and reported in a log. Bathing water is regularly monitored by a recognized laboratory and the health centre of the municipality. Everything for your safety. We also appreciate your help: so take a good shower before swimming and as much sunscreen as possible in the water.

New regular updates 

When there are new updates about traveling to Portugal, we will inform you and we will keep in touch with you about a holiday to book with us, your booked holiday and the possibilities that are available. Together we will come to an agreement as has happened so far with the reservations from March to June. Also check your cancellation insurance, with some companies these special circumstances appear to be insured.

Everything depends of course on whether you can travel by car or plane. We sincerely hope so, because you have certainly earned your holiday during this period. When you come to us, we will certainly do everything to make your holiday a success. As you have come to expect from us all these years.

Stay safe, stay healthy and take care of each other. Then we will be happy to take care of you again.

Hopefully see you soon!

Best regards,

Cees & Dini