In the heart of Portugal!

The perfect blend of rich culture and ancient history. A true paradise and an absolute recommendation if you are looking for an enchanting experience.

  • Alcobaça - The Monastery of Love

Discover the enchanting monastery of Alcobaça, steeped in the captivating love story of Pedro and Inês. Explore the Chapter House, the dormitory, the tombs, and admire the immense kitchen that has witnessed centuries of history.

  • Batalha - Battle and Changing of the Guard

In Batalha, the impressive Monastery of Santa Maria da Vitória awaits you, where you can still feel the intense battle between the Portuguese and the Spaniards. Experience the ceremonial changing of the guard every hour, bringing history to life.

  • Tomar - Templars and Knights

Head to the Convento do Cristo in Tomar, founded by the Templars. Immerse yourself among the knights as you explore the beautiful surroundings and relive history.


  • Coimbra - Oldest University and Enchanting City

Discover one of Europe's oldest universities in Coimbra, where a visit to the library and the Chapel creates an unforgettable experience. And lose yourself in the charm of the city itself.

  • Fátima - Pilgrimage and Candlelight Procession

Visit the pilgrimage site Fátima, where from May to October, you can witness the impressive candlelight procession in the evening. Take a seat in the modern church with 9,000 seats and be carried away by the spiritual atmosphere.

  • Óbidos - Picturesque White Town

Let yourself be enchanted by Óbidos, the picturesque white town with narrow streets, crenelated walls, and breathtaking views. Stroll along colorful bougainvilleas and enjoy the romantic atmosphere.

Central Portugal awaits you with open arms. Let yourself be surprised by the historical splendor, cultural richness, and natural beauty that this region has to offer. A journey full of unforgettable moments awaits you between Lisbon and Porto.

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