Wellness Ceedina

By having a good massage you will feel more comfortable. In the spa we are able to give you a suitable treatment and an unforgettable moment. The massages provide ultimate relaxation in a pleasant atmosphere with candles, music and fragrances.

Make an appointment with your reservation or during your stay at the B&B.

Relaxation massage

Various massage techniques are used which improve body circulation, reduce muscle pain and promote overall relaxation.

  • 30 min. - € 30.00; 45 min. - € 42.50; 60 min. - € 55.00


Harmony massage

This massage focuses on relaxation and recovery of the body. A massage with aromatic oils where all muscles are massaged.

  • 50 min. - € 49.00


Scrub treatment

Scrub Treatment Brush where dead skin cells are removed and the blood circulation is stimulated.

  • 35 min. - € 29.00


Scalp, neck and shoulder massage

A massage to relax muscles. It promotes good blood circulation in the neck and shoulders. The scalp is loosened and the discharge is triggered in the neck and shoulder area. During this massage the muscles are encouraged to dissipate painful lactic acid build-up.

  • 35 min. - € 29.00


Hot Stone Massage

Massage with basalt stone in which the heat of the stones penetrates deep into the muscle tissue for a relaxing effect. Due to the combination of movement and temperature cycles used the metabolism of the body is improved.

  • Whole body 60 min. - € 59.00
  • Back, shoulders and back of legs 40 min. - € 45.00
  • Back and shoulders 30 min.- € 35.00


Hammam treatments

These treatments are based on Oriental care rituals in the Hammam. A soothing treatment with olive soap, an intensive body scrub / wrap, nurturing and relaxing massage.

  • Hammam body treatment 60 min.- € 55.00
  • Hammam partly body treatment 30 min. - € 35.00


Cleaning treatment Facial

Cleaning, peeling, sea salt compresses, remove blemishes, mask and aftercare

  • 50 min. - € 40.00


Standard facial treatment

Clean, eyebrows, peeling, sea salt compresses, remove blemishes, massage, mask and aftercare.

  • 90 min. - € 57.50


Package 1

You will receive a 10% discount when you book two treatments (excluding promotions).

Package 2

For 2 people for stays of 4 nights or more:

  • Cleaning facial Treatment
  • Hammam Body treatment or Harmony massage

Package price for 2 persons € 165.00